Hello All! We here at Lake Marine & RV are elated to see so many familiar mask-less faces as our nation re-opens. However, much like many businesses across the country, we are still dealing with fallout from the pandemic as we are currently operating with less than 30% of our normal staff.

We kindly ask for your patience and understanding during these trying times.
We ask that when you're calling, please do not hang up and call back. Leaving a message will be your best bet in getting a return call as soon as possible. We're currently receiving over 300+ calls a day and do not have any front end staff to help alleviate these calls and work load other than management.
For those who we are currently servicing, we promise to let you know as soon as your project is completed.
Unfortunately, we do not have time to allocate for updates that do not involve any progress reports. Allowing us uninterrupted time, is our best chance for an earlier completion of your Boat, RV, or Automobile.
We have many hardworking team members putting countless amounts of overtime in just to get as many customers on the water this season as we can!!
Please know we are dedicated in doing everything we can to come through for you and if we have not met some of your expectations, we heartfully apologize. This is not how we like to conduct business.
We look pleasantly forward to the extra unemployment ending and America's workforce rising up back to work in September. Until then, things will remain stressed and we appreciate your understanding in advance.

---- Lake Marine Management